Are you fit to dive?

Do I require a “fit for diving” certificate from a doctor to dive or learn to dive with you?

Every diver is highly recommended to have a regular medical examination to ensure he/she is fit to dive. When you register to dive with us, one form you will be required to complete and sign will be the RSTC medical self-declaration. You should download this below in your preferred language and read through it. If you can answer all questions with “NO”, have no other medical conditions and are under 65 years of age, then a “Fit To Dive” certificate from a doctor is NOT required. However if you do happen to have to one or more “YES” answers, and/or are 65 years or older, then you would need to bring a “Fit To Dive” certificate from a doctor. If you are 75 years or older, our insurer applies special conditions; please contact us for more information before booking your vacation. If you have any questions or queries about the RSTC medical form or would like any advice, then please mail us directly at

Download the RSTC medical self-declaration in your preferred language below:

English (RSTC form/PDF)

German (RSTC form/PDF)

French (RSTC form/PDF)

Italian (RSTC form/PDF)

Russian (RSTC form/PDF)

Spanish (RSTC form/PDF)

When you will need a FTD (FIT TO DIVE) medical certificate from a doctor:

  • If you have one or more “YES” answers on the RSTC Form.
  • If you are 65 years or older.
    Even if you can answer all questions with “NO” on the RSTC form, an FTD certificate is still
    required for those 65 years or older. As mentioned above, it is highly recommended that you
    obtain this certificate from a licensed diving physician.

In addition, please note: if you suffer from any serious medical condition which could compromise your
safety and health while diving, you must be evaluated and certified fit to dive by a registered diving
physician only.

When you will not need a FTD (FIT TO DIVE) medical certificate from a doctor:

  • If you can answer all questions with “NO”, have no medical conditions and are under 65 years of

A “Fit To Dive” certificate may well not be accepted if any restrictions or limitations are entered on the certificate.

If you have any queries about fitness to dive or where to obtain a diving medical, then please simply contact us.










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