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  • How often do you go to the whale shark point?

We have no fixed day, but we usually go once a week. It depends on the divers and the

  • How often do you go to the Manta Point?

Once a week or more often based on diver requests and the conditions.

  • Can you see whale sharks all year round?

Yes, but each time we go, we still need some luck!

  • Can you see mantas all year round?

Yes, but in different locations. We have three locations where we can usually find manta rays

  • What is the best time of year for diving on MFV?

Diving is excellent all year round. Current is stronger January to March which makes for exciting,
but more challenging diving on certain sites.

  • Do I need a medical certificate from a doctor to dive?

Please see our page under Scuba Diving entitled : Are you fit to dive?

  • Do you supply nitrox 32% free of charge?

Yes we do!

  • Do I require dive insurance to dive with you?

There is no requirement to have a specialized dive insurance in order to dive with us, but we highly recommend that all divers and prospective divers possess an insurance policy to adequately cover their medical and other expenses in the rare event of a dive accident. If you would like more information about affordable specialized dive insurance then we can recommend Dan Europe www.daneurope.org

  • I am doing my referral at home. Can I do my four open water qualifying dives with you?

Yes of course, but please e-mail us for details and costs.










Beautiful tropical scenery, luxurious villas and golden beaches encircled by a sparkling ocean, render the twin islands of Maafushivaru and Lonubo, a perfect vision of paradise.

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Scuba diving

Maafushivaru possesses an enviable location on the southern tip of Ari atoll, a place world-famous for amazing scuba diving, where whale sharks and manta rays can usually be seen year round.

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Water sports

For those guests who generally prefer to stay on the surface, our water sports beachside shack located a few steps away from the dive centre, offers some excellent Indian Ocean experiences.

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Snorkeling trips

Why not join our resident Marine Biologist for the numerous snorkel adventures on offer and enjoy live encounters with turtles, mantas and even whale sharks!

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